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Download Foxit Phantom v2.2.4.0225 Cracked-EAT | Rapidshare Megaupload

Date : 1 March 2011 | Software Category : Programmes » Utilities / Office    
Download Foxit Phantom v2.2.4.0225 Cracked-EAT Download Foxit Phantom v2.2.4.0225 Cracked-EAT Download Foxit Phantom v2.2.4.0225 Cracked-EAT
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Foxit Phantom v2.2.4.0225 Cracked-EAT
EAT group has released latest version of Foxit Phantom. Foxit Phantom is a business ready PDF toolkit, with everything you need to create professional PDF documents and streamline business processes: fast, easy-to-use and at a price that fits your budget. With Foxit Phantom you can create standards compliant PDF files from hundreds of files types up to 3 times faster than with competitor tools. The lightweight application with a tiny footprint means you can download and install Foxit Phantom in a flash and reliably view any PDF document that comes your way.

* View any PDF Document - Regardless of Source
 * Create, Edit, and Save PDF Files from All Common
 File Formats
 * Create and Manage Forms
 * Document Collaboration
 * Protect Sensitive Information
 * Merge and Split PDF Files
 * Add Multimedia to PDF Files
 * Secure Document Delivery & Management

 * View any PDF Document - Regardless of Source
 Foxit Phantom is built on our award winning PDF
 rendering technology, allowing you to view any PDF
 document at faster speeds with greater fidelity.

 * Create, Edit, and Save PDF Files
 Foxit Phantom comes complete with PDF conversion
 capability for any type of printable document,
 including DOC, SLT, PPT TXT, E-MAIL, HTML formats
 (and many others), allowing conversion to a PDF
 format with just one click. Foxit Phantom also
 provides complete editing capabilities for PDF
 files. Foxit Phantom provides the ability for
 controlling and integrating a variety of objects
 within a PDF document, including the ability to
 modify PDF files, such as adding or deleting PDF
 text, graphics, images, and color changing and
 shading, as well as updating the page layout.

 * Create and Manage Forms
 Our PDF Forms tool enables you to gather information
 from others, while eliminating repetitive manual
 keying of data and eliminating errors. Foxit Phantom
 offers users complete form creation functionality,
 such as the ability to create forms in minutes, add
 controls and even convert static PDF files into
 professional looking, fully interactive forms that
 can be used to capture data from virtually anyone in
 your organization.

 * Document Collaboration
 Foxit Phantom's full complement of review and
 comment tools speed document collaboration by
 allowing rapid review cycles via e-mail. Foxit
 Phantom enables you to create annotations for your
 PDF documents. Changes can be marked with a variety
 of methods such as highlighted text, or by adding
 stamps and sticky notes. These annotations can be
 displayed as well as printed in some or all the
 pages of your document.

 * Protect Sensitive Information
 Foxit Phantom allows you to set document permissions
 as well as enable control of printing or saving of
 your document. Documents can be password protected,
 redacted to hide information, or electronically
 signed with secure, "proof of digital signature"

 * Merge and Split PDF Files
 Foxit Phantom includes functionality to combine,
 split and re-package various PDF files into several
 smaller single & multiple page PDF files according
 to page numbers & page range, along with organizing
 PDF files by re-arranging pages, and composing page
 outlines, as well as other configurations. Foxit
 Phantom displays an overview page without any
 additional software so you can easily know what you
 are working on. It allows you to not only split,
 merge, and reorganize pages in your PDF document,
 but also allows you to create outlines (bookmarks),
 for more efficient document browsing.

 * Add Multimedia to PDF Files
 Using Foxit Phantom, users can watch and embed
 videos or audio directly into PDF files by simply
 adding multi-media enhancements such as video,
 sound, and interactive content, transforming PDF
 documents into better communication tools.

 * Secure Document Delivery & Management
 Foxit Phantom incorporates On Demand Content
 Management right out of box, and makes it easier to
 access, render, route and share documents over the
 web with high performance and complete document
 integrity. With Foxit Phantom, users can collaborate
 on documents, route them within approval workflows
 or even fax or email them in one click. Foxit On
 Demand is built on 128 bit SSL Encryption and
 authentication, incorporating digital Bar Coding and
 secure Uploading, allowing you to send or share a
 variety of documents, such as contracts, forms, and
 agreements securely with anyone, anywhere in the
 world. From simple document based workflow routing
 to complete document delivery, the Foxit On Demand
 engine effortlessly handles the complete execution
 and management of business processes.

Release Name: Foxit.Phantom.v2.2.4.0225.Cracked-EAT
Size: 20,4 MB


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