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Download Ancients of Ooga v1.0r4 multi5 cracked-THETA | Rapidshare Megaupload

Date : 9 August 2011 | Software Category : PC Games » Casual Games    
Download Ancients of Ooga v1.0r4 multi5 cracked-THETA Download Ancients of Ooga v1.0r4 multi5 cracked-THETA Download Ancients of Ooga v1.0r4 multi5 cracked-THETA
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Ancients of Ooga v1.0r4 multi5 cracked-THETA
Ancients of Ooga is a playful but imperfect puzzle platformer with a difficulty curve that makes it best suited for novice players. From the creators of ‘Cloning Clyde’ comes a new epic adventure! Eat, chant, and even puke your way through the highly comical, primeval land of Ooga! There’s never a dull moment as you meet, befriend, and finally acquire seven zany Oogani tribes. Uncover their lost ancient powers, and exploit their abilities and lead them in a revolt against the tyrannical Boolis. Classic platforming/puzzle solving with a novel eat/carry/puke inventory management component. Over fifty amazing levels, plus, narcotic slugs that make you loopy!

Ancients of Ooga is sure to take you out of this world.

This is the 4th revision of the game, change logs can be found here. Enjoy.

- Level selection screen from the main menu was only allowing the 1st realm and level to be selected. Now all realms and levels that have been unlocked can be selected from there.
- Games setting tool is now launched by default which in-turn launches the game.
- Removed instances of "trigger" throughout text that referred to Xbox360 controller triggers.
- Hover beans now time out appropriately for systems capable of running the game at game at 50+ fps
- Frame rate is capped at roughly 120 fps to prevent timing precision loss on non-floating point timers.
- Disabled mouse controls in the audio settings menu as it was behaving badly.

    * An immersive adventure leading seven zany tribes to freedom.
    * Unlockable ancient abilities for each unique tribe.
    * Revive murdered chiefs each with incredible powers to control the elements.
    * A novel eat/carry/puke inventory management component.
    * Classic platforming/puzzle solving
    * Over fifty levels

Developer: Bacon Wrapped Games
Genre: Family, Casual, Indie

Release name: Ancients.of.Ooga.v1.0r4.multi5.cracked-THETA
Size: 58MB


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