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Download Singularity Update 1.1-ViTALiTY | Rapidshare Megaupload

Date : 19 July 2010 | Software Category : PC Games » ISO Games    
Download Singularity Update 1.1-ViTALiTY Download Singularity Update 1.1-ViTALiTY Download Singularity Update 1.1-ViTALiTY
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 Singularity Update 1.1-ViTALiTY

Singularity is a first-person shooter developed by the legendary Raven Software and utilizing the power and flexibility of the Unreal 3 game engine. Set in an alternate present of 2010, players take on the role of a US Air Force pilot who while investigating an extreme radiation signature, stumbles upon a top secret Cold War era Soviet program, run amok which not only causes monstrous mutations, but also threatens to alter nature of time itself.



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    Downloads : 10351 | Author: EgyDownTeam

     #1 Date: 19 July 2010 23:46


    Group: Member
    Joined: 6.06.2010
    Location: Germany
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    Thx Egy egy
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     #2 Date: 19 July 2010 23:53


    Group: Member
    Joined: 31.05.2010
    Location: United States
    Comments: 196
    ICQ: --
    whats updated? does anyone know.
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     #3 Date: 20 July 2010 16:07


    Group: Member
    Joined: 24.06.2009
    Location: Morocco
    Comments: 33
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    too bad for ati radeon owner no way to turn on the anti aliasing...

    What's new in Singularity Patch 1.1:
    · Texture streaming: some players have experienced a streaming bug that occurred on higher resolutions after playing for extended periods.
    · Networking connectivity: a few players have experienced a matchmaking bug when searching for a game where they would become stuck on the “Finding Best Match” screen.
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     #4 Date: 21 July 2010 01:54


    Group: Member
    Joined: 26.05.2009
    Location: UK
    Comments: 7
    ICQ: --
    will this work with the reloaded version of the game that was posted on this website? Egydown Singularity
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     #5 Date: 23 July 2010 19:32


    Group: Member
    Joined: 4.07.2010
    Location: Indonesia
    Comments: 5
    ICQ: --
    I've downloaded the game before, but there'sno sound, could this update fix it???
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     #6 Date: 6 August 2010 13:21


    Group: Member
    Joined: 28.12.2009
    Location: Marshall Islands
    Comments: 108
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    k tnx egy
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