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Search results: 100 articles (Search results 1 - 20) :

#1: Project Downforce v1.0.6 Android-DeBTPDA

  15 March 2013 938 / 0 | Category: PC Games » Casual Games
Project Downforce v1.0.6 Android-DeBTPDA

Project Downforce v1.0.6 Android-DeBTPDA
DeBTPDA has released “Project Downforce” for android. The developer did a fine job, like to see most users try and do better art. Project Downforce is a simple, pick-up-and-play retro arcade racer with ultra smooth mode 7-styled visuals and massive scaling sprites, throwing back to the arcade machines of the late 80s. If Super Mario Kart and Super Monaco GP had a lovechild, Project Downforce would be its name!
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#2: SwiftKey v4.4.5.273 Android-N3XUSPDA

  10 April 2014 179 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office

SwiftKey v4.4.5.273 Android-N3XUSPDA
N3XUSPDA released the updated version of SwiftKey for Android. Best-selling keyboard app on Android World’s most accurate autocorrect and next-word prediction Learns as you type, personalize with Gmail, Twitter,Facebook and blog Switch seamlessly between tapping and flowing(gesture input) Type in up to three languages simultaneously.
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#3: Metal Slug 3.v1.9.1 Android-DeBTPDA

  6 April 2013 756 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Metal Slug 3.v1.9.1 Android

Metal Slug 3.v1.9.1 Android-DeBTPDA
Scene group DeBTPDA released Metal Slug 3.v1.9.1 for Android.I don’t think this game needs any introduction .Have fun playing it.The legendary NEOGEO 2D action shooting masterpiece “METAL SLUG 3” heads out to Android devices! Use various weapons and slugs to fight your way through and survive on the battlefield!!
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#4: Pixelloop LLC Ruffled Feathers Rising v1.00.00 ANDROiD-rGPDA

  13 September 2011 3054 / 0 | Category: Console-Games

Pixelloop LLC Ruffled Feathers Rising v1.00.00 ANDROiD-rGPDA
Flight in a full 3D city! And best of all, you get to poop on people, brought us by rGPDA for ANDROiD.Soar through the skies of Splat City, constantly on the hunt for your next victim. Throughout the city’s rolling suburbs, relaxing parks, bustling university campus, the clamor of the city’s largest industrial project, and the highrise hustle and bustle of downtown you will enact your birdie rage fueled vengeance in a spectacular array of 3D urban environments.
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#5: Grimms Red Riding Hood v1.0.12 Android-DeBTPDA

  15 March 2013 401 / 0 | Category: PC Games » Casual Games
Grimms Red Riding Hood v1.0.12 Android-DeBTPDA

Grimms Red Riding Hood v1.0.12 Android-DeBTPDA
DeBTPDA has released “Grimms Red Riding Hood” for android. The game is very interactive, which children are sure to love, fun and educational. StoryToys has taken yet another Grimm Brothers classic and updated it with modern language, a host of dazzling, fully interactive pop-up scenes, wonderful music, narration and humorous sound effects. Grimm’s Red Riding Hood continues to push the envelope. Watch and interact as each pop-up scene brings the story to life by presenting simple tasks to perform, effectively weaving the reader into the fabric of the story. Carefully designed to keep young readers entertained, Grimm’s Red Riding Hood is sure to delight!
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#6: Herbie Hancock-The Imagine Project-2010-C4

  22 June 2010 6628 / 0 | Category: Music

Herbie Hancock-The Imagine Project-2010-C4
Herbie Hancock s Imagine Project is an unprecedented international recording and film project featuring collaborations between music legend Herbie Hancock and a dozen superstars from every region of the planet. It utilizes the universal language of music to express its central themes of peace and global responsibility. The album combines Herbie s genre defying musical vision with the local musical identities of cultures from around the world.
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#7: Android Bundle #1 - P2P

  14 February 2013 2286 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
Android Bundle #1 - P2P

Android Bundle #1 - P2P
This pack basically consists of 35 apps plus games for android devices.All of these will require the latest version of Android firmware.Below is the list of contents included in the pack.Enjoy!! This bundle package is full of most wanted games and app of 2013 .It sure is to give a surprise factor with time killer games and very useful paid apps.
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#8: Project APT v1.0.0.4-RiTUEL

  1 February 2014 428 / 0 | Category: PC Games » Casual Games
Project APT v1.0.0.4-RiTUEL

Project APT v1.0.0.4-RiTUEL
Group RiTUEL has released small pc game “Project APT”.ProjectAPT is point & click game. He misses the family he left behind in old apartment. But now he is caged in his own apartment. Let’s end it here.
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#9: Disappears-Pre Language 2012-FNT

  25 February 2012 1950 / 0 | Category: Music

Disappears-Pre Language 2012-FNT
Carving out a space somewhere in the middle of garage-punk snarl, shoegaze haze, and Krautrock grooves, Chicago’s Disappears features Brian Case (also of the Ponys and 90 Day Men), Boas members Graeme Gibson and Jonathan van Herik, and Damon Carruesco. The band started when Case’s other groups were on hiatus and he was recording demos with Gibson; Gibson brought van Herik into the project, and in turn, van Herik brought Carruesco into the fold.
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#10: Premium Widgets v1.0.5 Android-P2P

  18 June 2012 2332 / 3 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office

Premium Widgets v1.0.5 Android-P2P
Here is updated version of Premium Widgets application for Android OS. Widgets are beautiful. Premium Widgets are AWESOME! Incredible high quality Widgets with Weather, skins, HD animations! Premium Widgets includes a forecast widget, a small clock widget, and a choice of premium clocks, all supporting changeable, additional skins. With just a touch, the app enters full screen mode, including a detail page with beautiful weather HD animations. Other features include choice of weather service, location-aware weather, weather by city name, and automatic language detection.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [3]

#11: Raiden Legacy v1.8.1 Android-DeBTPDA

  6 April 2013 858 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Raiden Legacy v1.8.1 Android

Raiden Legacy v1.8.1 Android-DeBTPDA
Scene group DeBTPDA released Raiden Legacy v1.8.1 for Android. This game is a classic and to go back in those great childhood memories i would recommend to give it a try.RAIDEN LEGACY, a four-title compilation of the mega-popular RAIDEN arcade series, includes RAIDEN, RAIDEN FIGHTERS, RAIDEN FIGHTERS 2 & RAIDEN FIGHTERS JET. Originally developed by Seibu Kaihatsu, each of these classic scrolling shooters has not only been authentically recreated for mobile, but also enhanced with brand-new features!
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#12: Petworld 3D My Animal Rescue v1 8 Android-DeBTPDA

  6 April 2013 867 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Petworld 3D My Animal Rescue v1 8 Android

Petworld 3D My Animal Rescue v1 8 Android-DeBTPDA
Scene group DeBTPDA released Petworld 3D My Animal Rescue v1 8 for Android.This is a great quality game with good graphics and pretty good gameplay.PetWorld 3D: My Animal Rescue” is not only a lot of fun and addictive, it’s also visually pleasing. Move through the impressive 3D world of the animal rescue while scooping water out of the well or getting the right food. When you visit the animals you can also of course see them at close range and can observe how the hamsters clean themselves or how the bunnies hop around. You’d rather keep your rescues forever!
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#13: Trial Xtreme v1.23 Android-DeBTPDA

  6 April 2013 512 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Trial Xtreme v1.23 Android

Trial Xtreme v1.23 Android-DeBTPDA
Scene group DeBTPDA released Trial Xtreme v1.23 for Android.This is definitely one of the best mobile games ever to be played. Great graphics, smooth gameplay, and some challenging levels make this series one not to skip….It is an interactive game that invites you to join the engrossing motorcycle race. Ride your motorbike and surmount the track obstacles using the touch screen and phone accelerometer. Slake your thirst for speed with 60 levels of breathtaking motorcycle adventures. Develop your biking skills: jump, climb, flip!
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#14: The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.4 Android-P2P

  11 July 2013 862 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.4 Android-P2P

The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.4 Android-P2P
Newest version of popular game for Android, released by P2P. The epic conclusion to filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy arrives on Android in the exclusive video game inspired by the movie. After being gone for eight years, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as Batman. Waiting for him are the mysterious Selina Kyle and Bane, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman’s legacy piece by piece. Meet all of Batman’s allies and regain your strength to protect Gotham City from Bane. Become completely immersed in the story thanks to likenesses of all the movie’s main characters like Catwoman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon.
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#15: Pimp Your Screen with Widgets v1.0.1 Android-P2P

  22 July 2013 598 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
Pimp Your Screen with Widgets v1.0.1 Android-P2P

Pimp Your Screen with Widgets v1.0.1 Android-P2P
P2P group has released the new app “Pimp Your Screen with Widgets” for android.Pimp Your Screen is a perfect app to customize the look of your Android device by giving you an exclusive collection of specially designed widgets and cool HD wallpapers. With Pimp Your Screen you can make your phone or tablet truly personal and unique.
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#16: AdventRush v1.10 FULL ANDROiD-P2P

  12 September 2011 4118 / 0 | Category: Console-Games

AdventRush v1.10 FULL ANDROiD-P2P
AdventRush v1.10 released by some P2P group for Android , Game seems nice for me just installed it on my HTC :)This is the best STG on android. Experience real bullet-curtain STG arcade game on Android! REAL Bullet-curtain STG Game. Dodge within curtain of bullets. Challenge even the best game players. Power ups, firing mode changing, full game stages for a real arcade game experience. Full voices, Full sound effects and great stage music.
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#17: Fling.v1.1.3.Android-DeBTPDA

  15 March 2013 534 / 0 | Category: PC Games » Casual Games

P2P released the latest version of another brand new app, “Fling” for ANDROiD. Fling! is an addictive puzzle-game based a unique concept, which while simple is at the same time infinitely challenging. Ideal for all ages.Featuring over 100,000 unique puzzles, such that no two puzzles you encounter are ever the same, and split into 35 levels of gradually increasing difficulty, Fling guarantees you many long hours of puzzling fun! Each puzzle has a single, unique solution, and is solved by simply flinging (pushing) the furballs, and watching them bump each other off the edge of the screen, until only one is left.
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#18: Final Fantasy IV v1.2.2 Android-P2P

  7 July 2013 911 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Final Fantasy IV v1.2.2 Android

Final Fantasy IV v1.2.2 Android-P2P
Newest release of Final Fantasy IV for Android is out!“FINAL FANTASY IV” has finally come to the Android!
The title first debuted in 1991 as the fourth installment in the FINAL FANTASY series. Wildly popular thanks to its unique characters and dramatic storylines, it went on to be ported to many different platforms.FINAL FANTASY IV was the first title to introduce the Active Time Battle (ATB) system, which has become synonymous with the series. It also saw the introduction of the Augment system, which enabled the transfer of abilities from other characters and gave players an edge in battles.
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#19: Race Rally 3D Car Racing v3 Android-DeBTPDA

  6 April 2013 849 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Race Rally 3D Car Racing v3 Android

Race Rally 3D Car Racing v3 Android-DeBTPDA
Scene group DeBTPDA released Race Rally 3D Car Racing v3 for Android. The most addictive game on the android market.The team has developed the best time waster.The Race Rally is the best 3d arcade racing game features day or night rainy mode with lights on or off and six different camera views. Race along with other artificial intelligence (AI) cars for the desired number of laps assisted with back camera view mirror and win!
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#20: IDM UEStudio v10.30.0.1000 Incl. Keymaker-CORE

  6 December 2010 2178 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Multimedia / Design

IDM UEStudio v10.30.0.1000 Incl. Keymaker-CORE
UEStudio is the powerful IDE built on the chassis of UltraEdit, the world renowned text editor. As a full integrated development environment, UEStudio includes all the features of the powerful UltraEdit text editor plus native support for over 30 popular compilers (including Microsoft Visual C++, Java, GNU C/C++ and over 30 others). UEStudio includes integrated debugging, VCS version control, built-in class browsing, language intelligence (like Intellisense), project conversion, and batch building features, an XML Manager, as well as many other advanced features.
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