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Search results: 23 articles (Search results 1 - 20) :

#1: Cee Lo Green - Blitzkrieg Bop (I Love Football) (iTunes Version)-2012

  17 September 2012 1250 / 0 | Category: Music
Cee Lo Green - Blitzkrieg Bop (I Love Football) (iTunes Version)-2012

Cee Lo Green - Blitzkrieg Bop (I Love Football) (iTunes Version)-2012
Here is the new theme song for the NFL’s Thursday Night Football recorded by Cee Lo Green.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#2: Metal Slug Anthology PC P2P

  3 March 2011 6527 / 2 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games
Metal Slug Anthology PC-P2P

Metal Slug Anthology PC P2P
Metal Slug is a CLASSIC and one of my all time favorite game. One of the most successful, and fun to play side-scrolling arcade games in history, the Metal Slug series is celebrating its 10th year anniversary with the release of the Metal Slug Anthology. With the Metal Slug Anthology, you will enjoy seven arcade-perfect conversions, including the all-new Metal Slug 6. Metal Slug Anthology is the definitive collection of the intense shooter series. It includes all six of the classic games, all on one disc — with ammunition and firepower than ever before. You’ve got an incredible arsenal waiting for you, from destructive pistols & combat vehicles to a stockpile of grenades. Players’ enemy-killing capabilities are upped to off more evil-doers in this 10th anniversary edition of an arcade classic. Includes Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2, Metal Slug X, Metal Slug 3, Metal Slug 4 and Metal Slug 5.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [2]

#3: Legacy of Kain Anthology PC PROPHET

  23 August 2013 2051 / 1 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games
Legacy of Kain Anthology PC PROPHET

Legacy of Kain Anthology PC PROPHET
Group PROPHET has released the rpg game “Legacy of Kain Anthology”. This amazing compilation of the best-selling series Legacy of Kain give players an even more dynamic action than ever! Enter into the dark world of vampires and supernatural creatures in the game developed by Crystal Dynamics studio – specialists in great graphics and great storyline. Take control of both powerful vampires – the demigod Cain and demonic angel of death – Raziel. Each of them armed with legendary weapon has to go through the difficult journey through a world full of conflict and intrigue. Discover their fate and defeat the powers of darkness who want to send Cain and Raziel in the depths of hell.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#4: X Anthology-PROPHET

  11 June 2011 5092 / 1 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games

X Anthology-PROPHET
PROPHET group have released “X Anthology” bundle also known as “X Superbox”, which contains all X-series game titles including additional bonus material. The X Superbox contains the full catalog of EGOSOFT PC games; from the first X-series game, X- Beyond the Frontier, which chronicles the adventures of Kyle Brennan in the X Universe to the very latest version of X3: Terran Conflict, for which a new set of missions, entitled ‘Balance of Power’ has been specially developed. All of the titles included in the X Superbox have been specially updated to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Windows XP (SP2), Windows Vista (SP1) and Windows 7 (32 and 64-bit). A comprehensive contents and features list can be found below. In addition to all of the X-series titles, the X Superbox also contains an all-new and exclusive X Encyclopedia, written by Helge Kautz, the author of Farnham’s Legend and other X Universe books. This 300-page encyclopedia, which covers historic events and personalities in the X Universe, amongst many other items of interest, represents the ultimate reference for all avid fans of the X-series of games.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#5: VA- JOOF Anthology Volume 5- WEB-2011-WAV

  20 December 2011 1842 / 0 | Category: Music

VA- JOOF Anthology Volume 5- WEB-2011-WAV
Team wAv has released one pretty good trance album for all fans of those kind of beats…
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#6: Pumpkinhead - Know the Ledge 2012-CMS

  5 February 2012 2032 / 0 | Category: Music

Pumpkinhead - Know the Ledge 2012-CMS
The Brooklyn born lyricist PH (formerly known as “Pumpkinhead”) has always been an artist of integrity, respected by his vast following throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and Australia. His ability to persevere in a hostile industry climate with no major label or industry co-sign is what has prompted many to hail him as the “Underground King” for years.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#7: Accused UK S01 DVDRip XviD-iNGOT

  30 July 2011 3756 / 0 | Category: TV Show

Accused UK S01 DVDRip XviD-iNGOT
“Accused” is a British television anthology series aired on BBC network. Jimmy McGoven’s six-part series investigates the background of six people, all accused of a crime in court. The show has been commissioned for a second series. This DVDRip PACK of the 6-episode series 1 was released by group iNGOT.Written and created by Jimmy McGovern, it stars Christopher Eccleston, Benjamin Smith, Juliet Stevenson, Andy Serkis, Marc Warren and Naomie Harris as the accused in each episode. Filming for the series took place around Manchester between May and August 2010 and began airing on BBC One on 15 November 2010. The series was a RSJ Films production for the BBC. The series follows previous drama series by McGovern, including anthology series The Street and Moving On. Each of the six dramas follow a different character as they await their verdict in court, and tells the story behind how they find themselves accused.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#8: Dungeons and Dragons Anthology The Master Collection v1.0 retail-THETA

  6 March 2012 5200 / 2 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games
Dungeons and Dragons Anthology The Master Collection v1.0 retail-THETA

Dungeons and Dragons Anthology The Master Collection v1.0 retail-THETA
P2p group THETA with a nice release, all old Dungeons & Dragon game released in one pack!The Dungeons & Dragons Anthology: The Master Collection packages 6 of the most beloved classic RPG video games of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise and their expansions into a single edition – the ultimate RPG package for the ultimate D&D fan.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [2]

#9: VA Disco Anthology (MBB7076-3CD) 2010-REDRUM

  12 January 2011 3838 / 0 | Category: Music
VA – Disco Anthology (MBB7076-3CD) 2010-REDRUM
Disco music is the sound of hedonism and happiness. Full of seduction and freedom, disco music has provided us with many immortal hymns, required listening for any party animal and for audiences of all ages. This collection of Disco Music is a celebration of sound, with all of the must have classics of the genre as well as a second disc with hard to find gems and a third disc which provides a looped DJ set for all of your party needs. Featuring artists like Chic, Earth Wind & Fire, Boney M, Richie Family, KC & The Sunshine Band and Patrick Hernandez, to name a few. A very special swinging collection.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#10: Ironclads Anthology RIP Unleashed

  18 July 2011 5442 / 3 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games

Ironclads Anthology RIP Unleashed
A great irony is that the only company making American Civil War tactical naval games is Russian. Totem Games’ first effort was the under-rated Ironclads. That turn-based game focused on littoral actions and was marred only by the inability of ships to exchange fire simultaneously. Ironclads High Seas moves the action a few miles from shore and uses a real-time system. Naval buffs may object that the ironclads weren’t ocean-going. The rebuttals are that some of those vessels could handle blue water and the actions are simply blockade engagements out of sight of land but not in mid-ocean. A steam-ship period naval combat simulation games focusing on fleet-scale battles in real time. Manage financial and strategic aspects while planning your squadron’s structure. Scramble your fleet to gain sea supremacy. The naval combat game allows you to set up battles squadron groups, their formations and management, with realistic ship models and characteristics, as well as advanced ballistisc and weapon models.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [3]

#11: Drum and Bass Arena Anthology-3CD-2010-OMA

  12 September 2010 3893 / 1 | Category: Music

Drum and Bass Arena Anthology-3CD-2010-OMA
OMA did great job with releasing this awesome Drumm & Bass album on 3 CD’s…
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#12: Run DMC-S.O.U.L. 2011-MTD

  4 August 2011 1800 / 1 | Category: Music

Run DMC-S.O.U.L. 2011-MTD
Run-D.M.C. released three classic albums and both Together Forever: Greatest Hits 1983-1991 (1991) and Ultimate Run-D.M.C. (2003) are five-star compilations. Therefore, this volume of Sony’s S.O.U.L. a budget-line series of ten-track discs is more like a sampler than a proper anthology. Each track is deserving of placement on a Run-D.M.C. best-of, but the disc does not represent the absolute best, not when “It’s Like That,” “Beats to the Rhyme,” “King of Rock,” and “You Be Illin’” are not included. Oddly (or conveniently), the disc closes with the four Krush-Groove tracks (”Sucker M.C.’s,” “Hollis Crew,” “Darryl and Joe,” and “Together Forever”) in order.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#13: Elvis Presley - The 50 Greatest Love Songs (iTunes Version)-2001

  7 January 2013 2042 / 0 | Category: Music
Elvis Presley - The 50 Greatest Love Songs (iTunes Version)-2001

Elvis Presley - The 50 Greatest Love Songs (iTunes Version)-2001
Hey there, I’m back. Let’s get stared with a two-disc anthology by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. “The 50 Greatest Love Songs” compiles many of Elvis Presley’s most popular and well-known ballads and midtempo romantic anthems. Included are such cuts as “Always on My Mind,” “Are You Lonesome Tonight?,” and “It’s Now or Never.” When the King wasn’t rocking people’s socks off, he was melting more hearts than any other singer in pop history. What a great idea this is: 50 of his all-time best love songs on 2 CDs: Can’t Help Falling in Love; Love Me Tender; Are You Lonesome Tonight?; Good Luck Charm; She’s Not You; Surrender; It’s Only Love; Let It Be Me; Love Letters; As Long As I Have You; Don’t; Love Me; Always on My Mind; It’s Now or Never; True Love , and more!
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#14: Battlepillars Gold Edition RIP-Unleashed

  7 May 2014 1741 / 0 | Category: PC Games » Casual Games

Battlepillars Gold Edition RIP-Unleashed
After the P2P release group Unleashed has released the pc game “Battlepillars Gold Edition”. Enjoy! Battlepillars is a real-time tug-of-war strategy game from the team behind Draw a Stickman: EPIC in which you command caterpillars armed to the teeth with flamethrowers, sticky honey, mines, machine guns, and more! Utilize the best strategies and combinations, from blitzkrieg battlepillars armed with only their feet to heavily armored, cannon wielding, rocket launching tankerpillars. You decide! Still not enough? Perfect your strategies in the Test Zone, then take the battle online against your friends. Need to prove you’re the best? Climb up the leaderboards by tackling Endless Mode!
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#15: Dark Water 2005 720p BluRay x264-SEPTiC

  8 February 2011 4919 / 0 | Category: Movies

Dark Water 2005 720p BluRay x264-SEPTiC
Dark Water is a 2005 American horror-thriller film directed by Walter Salles and starring Jennifer Connelly. The film is a remake of the 2002 Japanese film of the same name, and also stars John C. Reilly, Pete Postlethwaite, Tim Roth, Perla Haney-Jardine and Ariel Gade. The film is based on the short story Floating Water from the horror anthology Honogurai mizu no soko kara by Koji Suzuki, author of Ring (which also had an American remake). This 720p BluRay Rip was released by group SEPTiC, which already died in the “battlefield”. Size is 1 DVD-5. Dahlia Williams (Jennifer Connelly) and her five-year-old daughter are ready to begin a new life together. But their new apartment — dilapidated and worn — suddenly seems to take on a life of its own. Mysterious noises, persistent leaks of dark water and other strange happenings in the deserted apartment above send Dahlia on a haunting and mystifying pursuit — one that unleashes a torrent of living nightmares.
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#16: Jimi Hendrix West Coast Seattle Boy 4CD 2010-MTD

  18 November 2010 3109 / 0 | Category: Music

Jimi Hendrix – West Coast Seattle Boy 4CD 2010-MTD
West Coast Seattle Boy – The Jimi Hendrix Anthology offers the most complete collection of Jimi’s pre-Experience R&B performances (including his singles with the Isley Brothers, Little Richard, Don Covay, King Curtis and more) to ever be officially anthologized while bringing together the most comprehensive and revelatory set of unreleased, fully realized songs, never before heard live performances, alternate studio takes, acoustic and electric demos and other rarities drawn from every chapter of Jimi Hendrix remarkable life and career.
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#17: IL-2 Sturmovik Complete Edition-PROPHET

  21 December 2013 2087 / 0 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games
IL-2 Sturmovik Complete Edition-PROPHET

IL-2 Sturmovik Complete Edition-PROPHET
Old game, but a must have for every flight simulation lover!Oleg Maddox’s world famous Il-2 Sturmovik™ series of flight simulators continues to expand. The latest offering, Il-2 1946, adds 36 new planes, four new gigantic maps, over a hundred new ground objects, and nearly 200 new campaign missions. This new opus also includes all of the previous IL-2 series content: IL-2 Sturmovik™: Forgotten Battles, Ace Expansion Pack and Pacific Fighters™. What was years ago began as a one-aircraft study sim is now an astonishing anthology, with a whopping 229 flyable aircraft and over 300 aircraft total!
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#18: Radio 1 Classics Vol.2 -2CD-2010-MnD

  3 February 2011 2476 / 0 | Category: Music

Radio 1 Classics Vol.2 -2CD-2010-MnD
Genre: Classic Rock
Size: 220.5 MB
Quality: VBRkbps
Playtime: 156:25 min
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#19: Funny Or Die Presents S01 DVDRip XviD-NODLABS

  14 January 2011 2963 / 0 | Category: TV Show

Funny Or Die Presents S01 DVDRip XviD-NODLABS
“Funny or Die Presents” is a half-hour sketch comedy show that spawned from the Will Ferrell & Adam McKay created comedy website Funny or Die. Every show consists of several comedy sketches that vary in length and can contain several sketches or even one full length sketch. Yesterday the DVDRip PACK of the 13-episode season 1 was released by group NODLABS. Will Farrell brings his Internet sensation to television with Funny or Die Presents. This anthology of short comic sketches–some of which have appeared online–is hosted by the white-haired, avuncular Ed Haligan (Steve Tom), who’s the epitome of a 1960s senior ad executive. Surrounded by a bevy of sexy secretaries, Haligan makes serious-sounding (but usually snide) pronouncements about the nature of television and computers or veers into existential angst. The sketches themselves are both wildly varied (from the sweet whimsy of “Space Baby” to the frat-boy “wildness” of “Designated Driver” to the off-kilter anti-comedy of “The Amazing Adventures of David & Jennie”), but also similar in their complete disconnect from the world at large. A free-floating self-referential “outrageousness” dominates, all urge with neither intention nor content, a sort of comic dry heave.
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#20: Shadowrun Returns Deluxe With Update 4-ALI213

  16 August 2013 1227 / 0 | Category: PC Games » ISO Games
Shadowrun Returns Deluxe With Update 4-ALI213

Shadowrun Returns Deluxe With Update 4-ALI213
ALI213 with the last up to date build of this rpg for PC Windows. MAN MEETS MAGIC & MACHINE. The year is 2054. Magic has returned to the world, awakening powerful creatures of myth and legend. Technology merges with flesh and consciousness. Elves, trolls, orks and dwarves walk among us, while ruthless corporations bleed the world dry. You are a shadowrunner – a mercenary living on the fringes of society, in the shadows of massive corporate arcologies, surviving day-by-day on skill and instinct alone. When the powerful or the desperate need a job done, you get it done… by any means necessary.
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