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#1: Audio Ease Snapper v2.0.3 MAC OSX-UNION

  20 January 2011 3192 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Multimedia / Design

Audio Ease Snapper v2.0.3 MAC OSX-UNION
UNION released a really interesting program for MAC OSX here. If you work with audio, you’ll love this: Snapper 2, by AudioEase. Enjoy!Snapper works with your Mac like a dream! Whenever you select any of your audio files in the Mac Finder, Snapper appears immediately right beneath that window, showing you the wave form and giving you a host of options right then and there. You can quickly preview the file, upload it to your Pro Tools session, or convert it to another file format as easily as dragging-and-dropping. Opening over 50 sound file formats, Snapper will quickly become your go-to solution for audio previewing and file conversions – it’s so useful you’ll hardly remember what your Mac was like without it.
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#2: Wavemachine Labs Drumagog Platinum v5.11-AiR + Library Add-On

  29 December 2011 4190 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Multimedia / Design

Wavemachine Labs Drumagog Platinum v5.11-AiR + Library Add-On
AiR brought to us the brand new build of this versatile and well-respected tool drum replacement plug-in for Windows. As a gift, they also released a library add-on Drumagog is a software plug-in which replaces acoustic drum tracks with your choice of other samples. But Drumagog also offers the “secret weapons” top mix engineers use to give hit records polish and power. It is this exclusive combination of replacement and enhancement tools that has made Drumagog the industry standard for more than a decade.
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#3: WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Platinum VST RTAS v5.03b-AiR

  13 February 2011 4611 / 1 | Category: Programmes » Multimedia / Design

WaveMachine Labs Drumagog Platinum VST RTAS v5.03b-AiR
Drumagog is a bit of a studio standard on the quiet, judging by the testimonials on the website; and given that it’s the only thing out there that does what it does, that’s hardly surprising. It’s not going to be of any real use to those who only ever work with self-contained loops or drum machines, but for anyone recording real live drums with any sort of regularity, it’s a potential life-saver, enabling you to utterly transform your recordings and giving detailed control over the replacement sounds and the way they’re triggered. Drumagog is a real-time audio plug-in that replaces the sound of your recorded drums. Don’t like the sound of your snare? Insert Drumagog on the snare track and choose a new sound; Drumagog automatically plays the new snare in place of the original. Open virtual instruments inside Drumagog 5 for unlimited sounds. Plug-ins such as BFD2, Superior Drummer, Kontakt, and more open directly in Drumagog for easy access to a virtually unlimited library of samples. With adjustable room size, offset, delay and more, Drumagog 5’s reverb comes with a custom IR library and the ability to read standard IR files.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]
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