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#1: Proxy Switcher PRO 5.7.0 Build 6366 Final - P2P

  20 April 2013 1480 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Internet / Network
Proxy Switcher PRO 5.7.0 Build 6366 Final - P2P

Proxy Switcher PRO 5.7.0 Build 6366 Final - P2P
P2p Has released the latest version of Proxy Switcher PRO. Proxy Switcher – surf anonymously change proxy settings on the fly.There are times when you have to cloak your true IP address. It might be that you want to remain anonymous when you visit a particular website. Or your access to various social networking and entertainment sites has been blocked.The solution is to use Proxy Switcher for all the anonymous browsing needs. It can be used to avoid all sorts of limitations imposed by various sites. Be that a download site that limits amount of downloads. Or video site works only in a particular country – more often than not it gets defeated by the anonymous browsing features Proxy Switcher provides.On top of that, if you used to manually change proxy settings Proxy Switcher provides a way to change them much faster and easier.Using Proxy Switcher, you can visit any web resources without fear of unauthorized save your data. You can be assured that your data will not fall into the spam lists that your IP address, operating system and internet browser are not defined.
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#2: Platinum Hide IP v3.0.7.3 Full-BiTZEUS

  4 September 2012 4955 / 2 | Category: Programmes » Internet / Network
Platinum Hide IP v3.0.7.3 Full-BiTZEUS

Platinum Hide IP v3.0.7.3 Full-BiTZEUS
P2P group BiTZEUS releasd the latest update of Platinum Hide IP. Everyday we read more and more stories about hackers breaking into big businesses, stealing their identities and wreaking general havoc. It’s no wonder that we’ve become wary of the Internet and concerned about the Internet privacy. Then how can you stay safe online? Now, a good solution for you comes out, if you are concerned about you online security. Use Platinum Hide IP to keep your real IP address hidden, surf anonymously, secure all the protocols on your PC, provide full encryption of your activity while working in Internet, and much more.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [2]

#3: Auto Hide IP v5.1.4.8-Lz0

  26 April 2011 13613 / 14 | Category: Programmes » Internet / Network

Auto Hide IP v5.1.4.8-Lz0
Here is new version of Auto Hide IP, useful IP anonymizer. Auto Hide IP is privacy-protection software which enables you to conceal your real IP address, surf anonymously, and automatically change your IP address every few minutes. Auto Hide IP works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, MyIE and is compatible with all types of routers, firewalls, home networks, wireless networks and any other kind of Internet.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [14]

#4: Law And Order UK 3×07 Anonymous HDTV XviD-FoV

  22 October 2010 965 / 0 | Category: TV Show

Law And Order UK 3×07 Anonymous HDTV XviD-FoV
A woman has complained of being stalked over a two-year period but the police are unable to act until events take a sinister turn.
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#5: Real Hide IP v. Inc patch-Genial78

  23 December 2012 2894 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Internet / Network
Real Hide IP v.

Real Hide IP v. Inc patch-Genial78
P2P grou Genial78 released the latest update of Real Hide IP.Are you aware that  your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website and many  websites and hackers use IP addresses to monitor your home address and other personal information? Real Hide IP allows you to surf anonymously, keep your  IP  address  hidden, protect  your  personal information  against  hackers and provide full encryption of your  online  activity, all with  a simple click  of a button.
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#6: Nada Surf - The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy (Deluxe Edition) 2CD 2012-pLAN9

  18 January 2012 2754 / 0 | Category: Music

Nada Surf - The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy (Deluxe Edition) 2CD 2012-pLAN9
”Did you ever, as a kid, want to crawl into the speakers?” asks Nada Surf singer-guitarist Matthew Caws. ”I did–here was OK, but there was much better.” And that’s pretty much what Nada Surf is all about–Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca, and drummer Ira Elliot are in love with the way rock music can transport you to a new and wonderful place in a beguiling rush of beats, chords, hooks and words. And they do it 10 times over on their brilliant sixth album, The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#7: Invisible Browsing 7

  17 June 2009 92912 / 98 | Category: Internet / Network, Security
Invisible Browsing 7

Invisible Browsing 7
Invisible Browsing 7 + Serial

Invisible Browsing suits both less experienced users and advanced users, through his manual or automatic mode. The manual mode allows you make all the settings, to choose the proxy and test it, while in the automatic mode all you have to do is a simple click on the button and you will surf anonymously. Invisible Browsing will hide, change or mask your IP address, letting you surf anonymously preventing your IP or other information to be collected without your permission. Invisible Browsing allows you to change your IP anytime by routing your Internet traffic through overseas servers.

4 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload - Mediafire
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [98]

#8: Good Vibes S01E11HDTV XviD-ASAP & Good Vibes S01E11 720p HDTV x264-IMMERSE

  30 December 2011 1240 / 0 | Category: TV Show

Good Vibes S01E11HDTV XviD-ASAP & Good Vibes S01E11 720p HDTV x264-IMMERSE
Here’s a new episode of “Good Vibes”. Woodie loses a surf competition and worries that he’s lost his “stoke,” so the boys turn to Woodie’s surf hero, Duke Sanchez, for help conquering an infamous wave, which would bring Woodie’s “stoke” back.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#9: EASEUS Partition Master v9.1.1 Professional Edition-DM999

  29 July 2012 9421 / 1 | Category: Programmes » Desktop Tools
EASEUS Partition Master v9.1.1 Professional Edition-DM999

EASEUS Partition Master v9.1.1 Professional Edition-DM999
Here is newest version of  EASEUS Partition Master Professional Edition released by P2P group DM999.EaseUS Partition Master Professional Edition is an ALL-IN-ONE partition solution and disk management utility. It allows you to extend partition, especially for system drive, settle low disk space problem, manage disk space easily on MBR and GUID partition table (GPT) disk under 32 bit and 64 bit Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7(SP1 included). The most popular hard disk management functions are brought together with powerful data protection including: Partition Manager, Disk & Partition Copy Wizard and Partition Recovery Wizard. Moreover, you can create bootable CD/DVD in case of system boot failure.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#10: We Are Legion 2012 DVDRip x264-P2P

  28 September 2012 1053 / 0 | Category: Movies
We Are Legion 2012

We Are Legion 2012 DVDRip x264-P2P
P2P group released the DVDRip of We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists, a documentary movieon the workings and beliefs of the self-described “hacktivist” collective, Anonymous, directed by Brian Knappenberger.WE ARE LEGION: The Story of the Hacktivists, takes us inside the complex culture and history of Anonymous. The film explores early hacktivist groups like Cult of the Dead Cow and Electronic Disturbance Theater, and then moves to Anonymous’ own raucous and unruly beginnings on the website 4Chan. Through interviews with current members – some recently returned from prison, others still awaiting trial – as well as writers, academics and major players in various “raids,” WE ARE LEGION traces the collective’s breathtaking evolution from merry pranksters to a full-blown, global movement, one armed with new weapons of civil disobedience for an online world.
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#11: Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory S03E10 HR WS PDTV x264-SYS

  21 September 2010 4991 / 1 | Category: TV Show

 Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory S03E10 HR WS PDTV x264-SYS
SYS released a new episode of MTV network’s reality show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”.Big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton invites Rob to Hawaii, where he’ll attempt to surf for the very first time.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#12: Cutback 2010 DVDRip XviD-iGNiTiON

  10 May 2012 1542 / 0 | Category: Movies
Cutback 2010 DVDRip XviD-iGNiTiON

Cutback 2010 DVDRip XviD-iGNiTiON
Here is a 720p Bluray of a movie Cutback release from scene group iGNiTiON , a Drama movie, directed by Lance Bachelder, Johnny Remo, starring Matt Beacham, Greg Carlson and Angel Cruz. Good movie.High School senior Luke Harris (Justin Schwan) dreams of just one thing… pro surfing. With his best friend Casey (Angel Cruz) at his side, they have two goals: surf and party! But Luke’s Mom (Raquel Gardner) and especially Dad (Greg Carlson) have other ideas: pick a college and grow up! When Luke learns that a spot is opening up on the local surf team, he see’s his big chance to prove to his parents that he can make it as a surfer and avoid being shipped off to school. Only two things stand in Luke’s way: new-surfer-in-town Matt (Andy Shephard) who has his own eyes set on the surf team opening, and his Dad, who insists he give up his surfing dreams and get an education. When a devastating tragedy strikes, Luke is forced to take a hard look at his life and with the help of beautiful “church-girl” Emily (Kelsey Sanders) and his Youth Pastor (Danny Smith), he learns that there’s much more to life than riding waves.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#13: You’ve Got Mail 1998 720p BluRay x264-SiNNERS

  2 February 2011 2521 / 0 | Category: Movies

You’ve Got Mail 1998 720p BluRay x264-SiNNERS
SiNNERS has released bluray 720p rip of “You’ve Got Mail” well known romantic comedy with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan. Kathleen Kelly, owner of a little and famous bookstore for children’s books, has an affair. Being together with Frank Navasky, a well-known journalist, she betrays him by e-mailing secretly and anonymously with a (also betraying) man whom she met in a chat room. Suddenly, her business gets endangered by the opening of Fox Books discount store just “around the corner”. She meets Joe Fox, son of the owner, and soon gets annoyed by his arrogant way of managing business matters. Although getting advice by her anonymous mail-pal, she has to close down her store. But Joe Fox’s life suddenly gets out of control when he learns that his anonymous mail-pal is nobody other than Kathleen Kelly.
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#14: The Chris Ward Project 2009 REPACK DVDRip XviD-SCARED

  11 August 2010 3233 / 0 | Category: Movies

The Chris Ward Project 2009 REPACK DVDRip XviD-SCARED
Rls.Date : 11.08.2010
Genre : Surfing
Runtime : 43 mins
Video : XVID | 640 x 480  | 2062 kbs
Audio : MP3 | 193 kbp
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#15: Proxy Switcher Pro 3.9

  10 April 2008 21180 / 20 | Category: Programmes » Internet / Network
Proxy Switcher Pro 3.9

Proxy Switcher Pro 3.9

Different internet connections do often require completely different proxy server settings and it's a real pain to change them manually. Proxy Switcher offers full featured connection management solution.
This includes flexible proxy server list management, proxy server tester and anonymous surfing capabilities.

2.9 MB | Rapidshare - Zshare
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [20]

#16: Warren The Ape S01E08 HDTV XviD-SYS

  3 August 2010 1945 / 1 | Category: TV Show

Warren The Ape S01E08 HDTV XviD-SYS
Warren forms his own support group after getting kicked out of Alcoholics Anonymous for being disruptive.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#17: Soul Surfer 2011 PPVRIP IFLIX

  8 July 2011 6870 / 0 | Category: Movies

Soul Surfer 2011 PPVRIP IFLIX
Here’s a new ppvrip from IFLIX for the movie Soul Surfer.Bethany (AnnaSophia Robb) was born to surf. A natural talent who took to the waves at a young age, she was leading an idyllic life on Kauai, participating in national surf competitions with her best friend Alana (Lorraine Nicholson), when everything changed. On Halloween morning, a 14-foot tiger shark came out of nowhere and seemed to shatter all her dreams. Soul Surfer reveals Bethany’s fight to recover from her ordeal and how she grappled with the question of her future
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#18: NCIS Los Angeles S02E07 HDTV XviD-LOL & 720p

  27 October 2010 10711 / 0 | Category: TV Show

NCIS Los Angeles S02E07 HDTV XviD-LOL & 720p
Anonymous - After a state department employee and a plastic surgeon are murdered by a group of terrorists, the NCIS team must frantically search for the only witness who can identify the killers.
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#19: My Generation 2010 S01E01 Pilot HDTV XviD-FQM

  24 September 2010 1628 / 2 | Category: TV Show

 My Generation 2010 S01E01 Pilot HDTV XviD-FQM
A cast of fresh faces populates this mockumentary-style drama, which finds a camera crew following a disparate group of high school classmates 10 years after graduation. In tonight’s premiere, we learn that a lot can change in 10 years, as overachievers become surf bums and aspiring actresses become bored housewives. Funny and touching in a way that’s reminiscent of The CW’s addictive young-people soaps, this one has real season-pass potential.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [2]

#20: Good Vibes S01E01 HDTV XviD-ASAP

  28 October 2011 1931 / 0 | Category: TV Show

Good Vibes S01E01 HDTV XviD-ASAP
ASAP released the season opening episode of Good Vibes. Transplanted Jersey boy, Mondo and his best bud Woodie are on a mission to surf the biggest waves, crash the wildest parties and chase the prettiest girls in Playa Del Toro – a California beach town where bikinis rule and the vibe is an endless summer.
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