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Search results: 100 articles (Search results 1 - 20) :

#1: Microangelo Toolset v6.10.71 Retail-FOSI

  15 December 2010 3203 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Multimedia / Design

Microangelo Toolset v6.10.71 Retail-FOSI
Toolset includes four integrated icon utilities: an icon editor, icon manager, icon explorer and animated cursor editor. All tools work together and provide complete support for hi-resolution, 256×256 icons and PNG compression used by Windows 7 and Windows Vista!
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#2: DeskSoft Desktop Icon Toy 3.3

  15 October 2008 65699 / 45 | Category: Programmes » Desktop Tools
DeskSoft Desktop Icon Toy 3.3

DeskSoft Desktop Icon Toy 3.3

Desktop Icon Toy is an easy to use desktop icon enhancement tool, which allows you to make many funny but useful patterns out of your windows desktop icons. You can change and restore their layout with just a couple of quick mouse clicks.

1 MB | Rapidshare
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [45]

#3: Universal XP Drivers CD 2008

  3 March 2008 49008 / 28 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
Universal XP Drivers CD 2008

Universal XP Drivers CD 2008

No more need to spend hours on-line browsing for drivers.. Just pop the Universal Driver CD in and Windows will automatically search the comprehensive drivers. This CD, (Iso format) contains software drivers for over 25,000 hardware components from brands such as Dell, HP,Compaq, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Panasonic, as well ashardware component manufacturers Intel, 3Com, VIA, nVidia, ATI, SoundMax, and many more

370 MB | Rapidshare
Author: Trojan77 | Comments [28]

#4: My Drivers Professional Edition 3.31

  21 April 2008 45085 / 8 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
My Drivers Professional Edition 3.31

My Drivers Professional Edition 3.31

My Drivers enables fast and easy detection, backup or restore of all hardware device drivers currently on your system. Also, you can even find the latest drivers for your hardware and install them onto your computer. With just one or two mouse button clicks, you will have all your hardware devices extracted and backed-up to any folder you want. When you reinstall or upgrade your system, you can restore all drivers just by clicking a button. After a reboot, all drivers will be re-installed and will function well. You may also choose to backup a particular driver or all the drivers with an EXE automatic installer. If you have a particular item of hardware that is troublesome, just remove the driver with this software.

1.33 MB | Rapidshare - Filefactory
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [8]

#5: Dru Hill-Icon-2012-CR

  5 January 2012 2300 / 1 | Category: Music

Dru Hill-Icon-2012-CR
Another nice release for tonight by CR, it’s album Icon by Dru Hill.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#6: Chris Cagle - Icon 2013-404

  29 May 2013 777 / 0 | Category: Music
Chris Cagle - Icon 2013

Chris Cagle - Icon 2013-404
This budget-priced collection contains the majority of Chris Cagle’s most popular hits from his tenure with Capitol Records. The 12 tracks on Icon include “I Breathe in, I Breathe Out,” “What a Beautiful Day,” “What Kinda Gone,” and “Chicks Dig It.” For those seeking tracks omitted from this set, The Best of Chris Cagle on Capitol Nashville is recommended.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#7: Uniblue Driver Scanner 2009

  9 January 2009 129602 / 30 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
Uniblue Driver Scanner 2009

Uniblue Driver Scanner 2009 2.0

With so many drivers installed on your system you cannot reasonably keep track of which drivers have been updated, which is why you need driver update management software to help out. Uniblue Driver Scanner is the perfect solution for automatically updating drivers, saving you the hassle of having to identifying all your systems drivers, then find updates for them using, before then downloading them from the manufacturers website.

Uniblue Driver Scanner scans your PC drivers and checks them against our comprehensive library of the latest drivers, to give you a full list of all those that need to be updated. With single click simplicity Uniblue Driver Scanner will then install each update on your PC. But whats more, Uniblue Driver Scanner will also backup all your drivers to an external device, meaning that the next time you reinstall your system you can load up all your latest drivers, from one place.

2.8 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [30]

#8: James Brown Icon 2010-CR

  16 October 2010 3715 / 1 | Category: Music
James Brown – Icon 2010-CR

James Brown – Icon 2010-CR
Label: Universal Records
Quality: VBR
Size: 56.4MB
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#9: CandyBar v3.3.3 MAC OSX-P2P

  21 November 2011 3545 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Desktop Tools

CandyBar v3.3.3 MAC OSX-P2P
This is the perfect software for customize your osx desktop,icon,effect etc. I personally love it CandyBar allows you to change the system icons in Mac OS X that you normally can’t, including including the trash can, volumes, default folder, and more.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#10: Driver Detective 6.2

  18 January 2008 203885 / 24 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
Driver Detective 6.2

Vista Drivers and XP Drivers are at your fingertips when you use Driver Detective software and service. Drivers HeadQuarters is the first and only driver update service providing manufacturer specific drivers for your computer. Driver Detective is simple and easy to use and designed to make updating drivers fast. Drivers HeadQuarters has an experienced support staff available to help you, with integrated customer support tools built in. Driver Detective can save you endless hours of work and aggravation updating your drivers.

Size: 3.2 MB
Rapidshare - Megaupload - Filefactory - Depositfiles
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [24]

#11: ZPAY Time Billing Window v2.0.7 Incl Keymaker-CORE

  16 April 2014 688 / 1 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office

ZPAY Time Billing Window v2.0.7 Incl Keymaker-CORE
Group CORE has released ZPAY Time Billing Window. No more managing hours by hand! No more spending half a day trying to add up the billed hours and pulling your hair out because you lost the notes that you kept your time on or cannot read them! Automation with our time Billing software is the answer. The best thing about TimeBillingWindow is that it is always ready sitting as a tray icon in the bottom corner of your screen. That means you are only a mouse movement away from logging your time as you work with clients on the phone or in the office! Starting with the time billing interface, as you can see below, it shows you exactly which tasks are open and being timed while collecting the time worked for fast and easy billing. It’s so easy to use that you don’t need to be a computer expert to set up and start using this time Billing software immediately. In fact it’s so easy that we sell through the Try-Before-You-Buy method of marketing known as Shareware and we want you to download and see for yourself before you buy it. Use the download link on the top menu to go to our download page.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#12: CrossOver v13.0 MacOSX-P2P

  17 November 2013 6563 / 1 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office

CrossOver v13.0 MacOSX-P2P
Here’s the last up to date version of the complete Crossover Professional edition. CrossOver allows you to install many popular Windows applications on your Mac. Your applications integrate seamlessly in OS X; just click and run. No rebooting, no switching to a virtual machine, and no Windows Operating System license required.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [1]

#13: Ja Rule-Icon-2012-CR

  5 January 2012 2887 / 0 | Category: Music

Ja Rule-Icon-2012-CR
New Ja Rule album from famous rap/hiphop group CR.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#14: Driver magician 3.45

  3 November 2009 50238 / 38 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office
Driver magician 3.45

Driver magician 3.45
Driver magician 3.45 + Crack

Driver magician 3 offers a solution for device drivers backup, restoration, update and removal in Windows operating system. It identifies all the hardware in the system, extracts their associated drivers from the hard disk and backs them up to a location of your choice. Then when you format and reinstall/upgrade your operating system, you can restore all the saved drivers just as if you had the original driver diskettes in your hands. After one system reboot, your PC will be loaded and running with the required hardware drivers.

6 MB | Rapidshare - Megaupload - Hotfile
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [38]

#15: Dynasty Warriors 7 PAL XBOX360-iCON

  31 March 2011 3122 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Dynasty Warriors 7 PAL XBOX360-iCON

Dynasty Warriors 7 PAL XBOX360-iCON
In the new Story Mode, follow the ascent and fall of heroes. In Dynasty Warriors 7, experience a new Story Mode and follow the captivating story of our Kingdoms battling for rule of China. Experience the individual tales of the Shu, Wu, Wei and the new Jin kingdomes as they shape China from the warring chaos at the end of the Later Han period to the division of the Land into Three Kingdoms. Take your faction through this key point in history and tell the story of the Dynasty that rose to seize power and unify the country once again. Immerce yourself in the epic scale of each Kingdom’s story, viewing events from the eyes of a different character in each stage. Now is your chance to live through an intense historical drama of greetings and goodbyes, friendships, feuds and rivalries.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#16: Sublime - Icon 2011-CR

  1 April 2011 2092 / 0 | Category: Music

Sublime - Icon 2011-CR
Label: Geffen Records
Genere: R&B
Quality: VBRkbit av
Size: 53.67 MB
Playing Time: 37:37 minsSkins US S01E09 720p HDTV x264-IMMERSE
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#17: Rambo The Video Game PAL XBOX360-iCON

  19 February 2014 655 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
Rambo The Video Game PAL XBOX360-iCON

Rambo The Video Game PAL XBOX360-iCON
iCON with the scene release of RAMBO for XBOX 360, lol…. Enjoy. RAMBO THE VIDEO GAME puts the player in John Rambo’s combat boots, and takes them on an action packed journey through the iconic combat sequences and story-arcs of FIRST BLOOD , RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II & RAMBO III.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#18: Chuck Berry-Icon 2011-CR

  25 February 2011 2895 / 0 | Category: Music

Chuck Berry-Icon 2011-CR
ICON is a new line of CDs from top artists offered at an incredibly low price. ICONs have modern artwork and a front sticker calling out the track count and low price.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#19: The Smurfs 2 PAL WII-iCON

  17 July 2013 1193 / 0 | Category: Console-Games
The Smurfs 2 PAL WII-iCON

The Smurfs 2 PAL WII-iCON
The Smurfs 2 video game is an action-packed adventure platformer that provides Smurfs fans of all ages with the opportunity to dive into the magical Smurfs Village and relive iconic moments and key environments from the feature film.
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

#20: DriverPack Solution 14.7-P2P

  6 August 2014 695 / 0 | Category: Programmes » Utilities / Office

DriverPack Solution 14.7-P2P
P2P  has released the latest version of the DriverPack Solutions, with just one click of a button you can update and/or install all your pc drivers, easy and fast. DriverPack Solution is the most popular program that makes the job of finding and automatically installing drivers a pleasure.DriverPack Solution simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on any computer. No more problems with searching and installing drivers. Everything will be done in a couple of mouse clicks!
Author: EgyDownTeam | Comments [0]

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